Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year (One Week Later...)

Someone recently told me that if you're not challenged in life - you need to rethink your goals.   Hmmm...

On New Year's day I looked back over my goals for the past year - they were simple, rather easily achievable goals.   Nothing really all that challenging. Hmmm...

What's the most challenging (and at the same time - best) thing I could do for myself...

It took a few days to figure it out (a week exactly) - but I've got it.   I'm excited!   I'm nervous.  I was a little - no scratch that...I was a lot uncertain as to whether or not it was achievable.   But then I remembered...

My thoughts are based on my beliefs...   My actions are fueled by my thoughts...   My results are in direct correlation to my actions...   My beliefs are reinforced by my results...

My goal this year?   Well I only have one and I'm playing this one close to the vest.   Believe me - it will be challenging!

Stay focused.

How do you overcome challenges?


  1. Go for it!!!! Love the photo!


  2. KK,
    Such a great post.
    It got me to thinking of the last time I gave myself a challenge I wasn't sure I could accomplish. I can't remember the last time. My recent goals, have been really simple.

    Thanks for the insight. Good luck with your GOAL. I know you can do it.

    The pic is beautiful BTW. Talk about staying focused :-)

  3. Karen this shot is stunning! Is this another macro shot? What lens? You shoot Canon - right?

  4. Karen,
    This image is extraordinary!

    Love the challenge! GO FOR IT!!!!!!! No better time to start than NOW!


  5. Thanks Matt, Kathryn and Jill - looking forward to the challenge!

  6. Hey Melinda! Wasup...
    Yes - I shoot Canon. This is another macro - shot with my 100mm 2.8L... I am absolutely IN LOVE with this lens.

  7. Karen you're funny, as I can't imagine anything you CAN'T do. You seem to do it all (and do it well), so this one must be a doozy!

    When I'm faced with a challenge I literally take it one 1/2 minute at a time.

    My advice? Stay connected with your feelings and fight for what you want. You're amazing (yes, I used that word).


  8. How do you overcome challenges? In part that depends on the type of challenge...but you can rest assured that it is a TEST ...a test of wills, of authority, of truth, integrity, and many more, but no matter what the test you are most likely to prevail if you have approached the challenge thoughtfully and you are more likely to increase your level of success by being grounded, prepared and focused. And of course, never let them see you blink ! ~ Cuz

  9. Happy New Year, Karen

    Your photos are always so great. What a talent. Thanks for motivating me to set some challenging goals this year.

    Love ya, Lora (Roomy)

  10. Thanks Stacey. I appreciate the compliment, but we all need help sometimes. There are so many people out there doing so much more (for themselves AND for others).

    I will do (at the minimum) my best to stay connected.

  11. Hey Cuz! So glad to hear your thoughts. If anyone knows about overcoming challenges it's definitely you. This is most definitely a test of wills alright... Crazy, crazy, crazy...

    I will heed your advice and I will think of you and your words of encouragement when the going seems tough.
    Love you!

  12. Roomy! What is up Woman!!?? Man...Venice, Greece, Athens...Mexico - it all seems so long ago.

    Thank you for the compliment about the photos - looking forward to catching up and hearing all about those challenging goals (assuming you want to share of course)!

  13. Kar,

    I would have to say that I overcome challenges by trying to keep my mind on what's happening at this moment - not in the future. If I'm focusing on future outcomes, I get very anxious. Doing what I can do right here and now is my goal. Also, this photograph is mesmerizing.

  14. I agree that you are a CAN DO woman, so I have no doubt you'll bust right through your challenge!
    I feel like my last 2 years have been one helluva challenge, and for me I just put one foot in front of the other, stay strong, stay focused and steamroll whoever gets in my way! :)

  15. Lor Lor, you're the best - I love you!


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