Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspiration Has Arrived!

For me books are a great source of inspiration.   I could spend hours upon hours in the bookstore...  Feels like there's so much knowledge to suck up!

With everything else that's been going on - I haven't been able to get to the bookstore lately so I decided to take the road most easily traveled...and I ordered my next batch of inspiration online.

But then, because I'm Facebook illiterate, I actually ended up going to the bookstore this past weekend anyway - yes...to get "Facebook for Dummies" (sad face...)

Me being a dummie aside - I'm looking forward to some interesting reads.  Thanks Lor Lor and Tamara for the recommendations!

BTW - if you just so happen to be reading or have already read any of these books - whadya' think?


  1. As always another wonderful photograph.
    It is amazing all the "For Dummies" books they have :-)

    and, yes books and reading are great joys...

  2. Such a great picture! I haven't been very creative since having a child. Nor have I been in a reading mode. And I used to be an avid reader! Do they make "creativity for dummies"?

  3. Creativity for Dummies! That's hysterical... Vicki is that you???


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