Monday, January 17, 2011

It's a Small World - Ethan

My nephew is the cutest kid I know!   Those long curly eyelashes, his dimples and that little mole by his lip...   Let's not forget his super duper Michael Jackson dance moves...   Watch out he's 7, but one day he'll be 17 and breaking hearts!

On a recent trip to Jersey I took him shopping for clothes (I loved it - he hated it).   I picked out a bunch of stuff and sent him into the dressing room.   A while later, he pulls back the curtain to reveal himself in the cutest pair of jeans...a little baggy, dark, a little tattered, funky...   He stands in front of the mirror, with what I could swear was a gansta' lean...hands in his pockets...

Me:  What do you think?   You like 'em...?
Ethan:  Yeah.   I like them Auntie.   I need to look good for my girlfriends at school.
Me:  Huh?!   You have a girlfriend?
Ethan:  No.   I have girlfriendssssssssss (as he turns to go back into the dressing room)

What is happening!   And why is it all happening so fast....!

(If I can pry him from my sister's arms), he'll be leaving his girlfriendssssss behind and coming out to LA to spend the summer with me - can't wait!   Love you Eaty Eat!


  1. Hey KK

    Okay, here I go. So excited about blast fr. the past, looking forward to Wed. blogging.
    Great shot's.
    Love Mommy

  2. LOL. Cute story. He is very cute! Great shots.

  3. Hey Karen,

    Yes, you're so right - it does happen so fast, too fast. Great shots of Ethan and you certainly captured the innocence of this little man.



  4. Hi Mom - hope I don't let you down with Blast From the Past Wednesdays!

    Thanks Kayla - I hope you're well. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    Thanks Linda - he's such a sweet-heart - right?

  5. KK - your shots of kids are really great. Would love to see more.

  6. Hey K, of course he's a cutie, He looks just like me.LOL just kidding. Yeah the girlfriend situation is becoming a little problem. On Feb 25th he is taking his newest,and prettiest thus far(his words) to the valentines dance at school and with any luck he will pull it off without her other botfriend finding out.


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