Monday, February 21, 2011

M&M's and Presidents' Day

Had 'catch-up' sushi with Itai the other day and he surprised me with a box of M&M's...   But not just any M&M's...   This box of M&M's came straight off of Air Force One...   Complete with the Presidential seal of Barack Obama!   Rest assured I won't be eating them...   Well - I mean...unless it's a chocolate emergency.   Just joking - I'm not going to eat them!   Thanks Itai!   Ok - so I've said your name twice now...was I not supposed to???

So, I'm not really into Presidents' Day and all...but thought this post was fitting...   Happy Presidents' Day!

Oh snowed here (in Jersey) today (or sometime during the middle of the night).   I woke up to this...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Published...!

The ad campaign I shot for Solixir, featuring the ever-fabulous Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up®, is in the March issue of Yoga Journal - exciting!

It's Solixir's first national ad campaign (and mine!)...

Here's the cover (just in case you plan on picking up a copy -  Mom)...   My ad (above) is somewhere around page 23 (I really wasn't paying attention)...    Ok - yes I's on page 23!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday: The Narayan Family

That was Riya then...

This is Riya now!

One of the main reasons I love photographing kids is that I get to watch them grow into "people"...  It's absolutely amazing!

I'm always excited when the Narayan Family calls for a shoot...  Smrithi and Sanjeev are amazing individuals, Rock Stars together and the picture perfect family!

Riya's has such wonderfully expressive eyes!

Stocking up on kisses from Mom...!

Mama pushing Riya on the swings...

Hug from Daddy before going down the slide...

Riya is just such a little lady...  She is so rockin' those pigtails - I'm loving every minute of it!

This is how I got the first shot (with Riya in the tree)...with a little help from Dad...

She had to scope it out first...  Check out her body language in the shot on the right and the look on Dad's face (clearly - whatever she said just melted his heart)...

Riya did a little gardening in her backyard before we headed to the park!

I love everything about her...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Frazia & Greg - Engaged!

He got down on one knee and she walked away by accident...!

They originally met in a bar.  R-Bar New York to be exact - you remember...back when boys & girls still met in bars.   As far as he was concerned she had a smile that could light up an entire room.

Time passed and as fate would have it, they didn't see each other again until a year and a half later...   Cut to: The NY Sports Club.   He was lifting weights, she was on the treadmill and in between reps all he could think about is "who is that hot girl checking me out..."

They dated for 6 months and she broke it off!   They were apart for 5 weeks, that is until they ran into each other again and all those feelings came rushing back!

He wanted to marry her - even if that meant tying a string around her finger!   Off to Portugal they went...   As far as she was concerned it was a vacation back to her parents hometown.   As far as he was concerned it was the perfect opportunity.

After dinner they decided to walk over to the church where her parents were married...   He got down on one knee and she (thinking he had bent down to pick something up) walked away...

Neither remembers much after that...something about "taking the journey of life together..."   Something about walking along Lover's Lane and remembering the night sky was really clear - perfect in fact!

It was the perfect July afternoon, and we seemingly explored every nook and cranny of Central Park.   As the sun set, we took our "worked up appetite" and headed back into Jersey to Iberia - the best Portuguese food this side of...well - Portugal!

The best thing about shooting in Central Park - is everywhere you turn - there's the City skyline!   Frazia removing just a bit of cotton candy from Greg's face...

Ahhhh...that moment right before the kiss - such anticipation...

Greg is absolutely up to no good - check out that look on his face...   Sure enough seconds later he gives chase...   I love it!

These last two photos are so symbolic for me.   If you fall, I will catch you!   Frazia looks so safe in Greg's arms - just the way it should be...   Love the sun flares!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Sister - Tiffany

When I realized my sister was graduating from High School - I knew we had to do a photo shoot...   A "Senior" session as they're called...capturing that very special time in a graduating senior's life...   Man, oh, man-ochevitz (yes, I'm that corny), I sure wish "senior sessions" were popular when I was graduating...   All I've got to show for 18 is a really bad yearbook photo...  What the heck was happening with my hair?   my make-up?    a head that was way too big for my body...oh the horror!

This post is actually long overdue...   April of 2009 to be exact.   Which means Tif was just about to graduate and head off to college that she musta' been only 17 at the time!

She's now 19, attends William Paterson University and majors in communications with a focus on public relations...

I want her to look back on these photos when she's 60 and say to her grandchildren - "...that was me the year I graduated from high school..."   Wait...her grandchildren will be my grand-neices/ that how that works???   Or will they be my great-neices/nephews...  To be such a smart girl, I'm clearly confused...

It was a gorgeous Spring day...the sun peeked out from behind the huge cumulus clouds every now and again...   Sun or no sun...we had loads of fun!

Thanks for such a great photo shoot Tif...   I'm super excited about every little moment that will be your life.   You better make the most of it, cause...when you're 60, I'll be 86 freakin' years old (I hope)!   How's that for perspective?!

Further proof that I'm as funny as I think I am...

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Salt Lick

Me want some Salt Lick...yum!   On my last trip to Austin, TX we took the hour-long cab ride from the City out into the countryside (to Driftwood) to get some BBQ...but not just any bar-b-que...   The Salt Lick!   They don't take reservations, they only take cash and it's B.Y.O.B.   When we got there the wait was 1-1/2 hours long...   I didn't care - "we're here now and I'm gettin' me some bar-b-que!"   The only question lingering in the back of my mind - "would the cabbie actually come back to pick us up..."

Here's the story of how The Salt Lick came into existence:

In the 60's Thurman Roberts spent way too much time away from his family traveling across Texas working for a bridge construction company.   In an effort to spend less time away from home, he and his wife Hisako took out a yellow legal pad and wrote down 54 things the family could do to say in Driftwood.   The idea for The Salt Lick was 14th on the list.   So in 1967, Thurman, known for his delicious bar-b-que at family reunions, decided he would cook meat for paying customers... (I know - doesn't really sound all that glamorous..."cook meat for paying customers")

Thurman and his son Scott (he now owns The Salt Lick), built a huge bar-b-que pit.   Thurman would go to the pit on Thursday night and start cooking. He stayed for the weekend, sleeping on a cot, until all the meat sold.   As time passed, he would come home earlier and earlier because the meat was selling out quickly.   After a few months, Thurman and Scott built a little screen porch around the pit.   The Salt Lick has grown from there!

I can't verify that the pit is still there, but the food was great!  Check it out...

Everything is served family style - so you just might as well order...well - EVERYTHING!

The restaurant is huge, but it was still packed!   In the background (the yellowish area) is the indoor/screened-in seating area (which is where the pit is - supposedly).   In the foreground is all the outdoor seating (which is where we sat).   Behind me, across the parking lot is another dining hall...

I had never been so happy to feel a bench vibrate!

Before and After...   There were other plates - but I waited for our server to clear most of the table before taking the picture.    This way we wouldn't seem so greedy!

I really like hot sauce!   I really don't like cobbler (luckily for me because I was stuffed)!

After dinner we snuck off to a private area...

It's so private...they don't allow children...

It's really cute back here...   Unfortunately we were  too late and all the wine had already been packed up...   The servers were cleaning off the tables and stacked all the cowboy boot "centerpieces" on one table - how cute is that?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Jenn & Sverre - Engaged

They met at her cousin's wedding in June 2007...   They spent July "getting to know each other"...   By August they were dating long distance and 8 months later he moved to NY to be closer to the love of his life!

We spent the day roaming the streets of Manhattan, laughing, talking and, oh yeah - looking for just the perfect "whatever"...   Then we headed over to Hoboken and The City skyline made the perfect backdrop to a perfect day.

It was a bit breezy that day and in a blink of an eye Jenn became Marilyn Monroe...   Sverre decided to take a peak for himself...

Gettin' some (reenactment) first date action...  We have no idea who lives here!

Flirting was a big part of the day and I loved how Jenn and Sverre interacted with one another!

I am blinded by that ring!