Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Frazia & Greg - Engaged!

He got down on one knee and she walked away by accident...!

They originally met in a bar.  R-Bar New York to be exact - you remember...back when boys & girls still met in bars.   As far as he was concerned she had a smile that could light up an entire room.

Time passed and as fate would have it, they didn't see each other again until a year and a half later...   Cut to: The NY Sports Club.   He was lifting weights, she was on the treadmill and in between reps all he could think about is "who is that hot girl checking me out..."

They dated for 6 months and she broke it off!   They were apart for 5 weeks, that is until they ran into each other again and all those feelings came rushing back!

He wanted to marry her - even if that meant tying a string around her finger!   Off to Portugal they went...   As far as she was concerned it was a vacation back to her parents hometown.   As far as he was concerned it was the perfect opportunity.

After dinner they decided to walk over to the church where her parents were married...   He got down on one knee and she (thinking he had bent down to pick something up) walked away...

Neither remembers much after that...something about "taking the journey of life together..."   Something about walking along Lover's Lane and remembering the night sky was really clear - perfect in fact!

It was the perfect July afternoon, and we seemingly explored every nook and cranny of Central Park.   As the sun set, we took our "worked up appetite" and headed back into Jersey to Iberia - the best Portuguese food this side of...well - Portugal!

The best thing about shooting in Central Park - is everywhere you turn - there's the City skyline!   Frazia removing just a bit of cotton candy from Greg's face...

Ahhhh...that moment right before the kiss - such anticipation...

Greg is absolutely up to no good - check out that look on his face...   Sure enough seconds later he gives chase...   I love it!

These last two photos are so symbolic for me.   If you fall, I will catch you!   Frazia looks so safe in Greg's arms - just the way it should be...   Love the sun flares!


  1. Yes Love is in the air. The colors in the pictures remind me of Easter eggs. Love it.


  2. Great shots and such a beautiful sunny day. I just love the city - always have and always will.



  3. Michelle Yes! Easter egg colors...

    Thanks Linda - I couldn't agree more..." hand in the air for the big city, street lights, big dreams, all lookin' pretty, no place in the world that could compare..."


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