Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday: Jenn & Sverre - Engaged

They met at her cousin's wedding in June 2007...   They spent July "getting to know each other"...   By August they were dating long distance and 8 months later he moved to NY to be closer to the love of his life!

We spent the day roaming the streets of Manhattan, laughing, talking and, oh yeah - looking for just the perfect "whatever"...   Then we headed over to Hoboken and The City skyline made the perfect backdrop to a perfect day.

It was a bit breezy that day and in a blink of an eye Jenn became Marilyn Monroe...   Sverre decided to take a peak for himself...

Gettin' some (reenactment) first date action...  We have no idea who lives here!

Flirting was a big part of the day and I loved how Jenn and Sverre interacted with one another!

I am blinded by that ring!


  1. Lovely...It looks like pages right out of a magazine.


  2. Thanks Michelle! I really appreciate that comment!!! That's exactly what I was aiming for.


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