Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday: The Narayan Family

That was Riya then...

This is Riya now!

One of the main reasons I love photographing kids is that I get to watch them grow into "people"...  It's absolutely amazing!

I'm always excited when the Narayan Family calls for a shoot...  Smrithi and Sanjeev are amazing individuals, Rock Stars together and the picture perfect family!

Riya's has such wonderfully expressive eyes!

Stocking up on kisses from Mom...!

Mama pushing Riya on the swings...

Hug from Daddy before going down the slide...

Riya is just such a little lady...  She is so rockin' those pigtails - I'm loving every minute of it!

This is how I got the first shot (with Riya in the tree)...with a little help from Dad...

She had to scope it out first...  Check out her body language in the shot on the right and the look on Dad's face (clearly - whatever she said just melted his heart)...

Riya did a little gardening in her backyard before we headed to the park!

I love everything about her...


  1. Hey KK
    How cute is she. Nice coloring, great shots, everything is just perfect, just like Riya.
    Love Ya Mommy

  2. Love these pics. They work so well in pairs to tell a story. The pictures are so fresh and crisp! Compliments to the photographer too - awesome jobs.


  3. Thanks Mom...she IS perfect! I really enjoy shooting her.

  4. Awwwwhhh Namu! Thank you, thank you! You didn't do so bad yourself. :-)

  5. Really gorgeous. She has grown into a beautiful girl and have the pics to show for it. So much happiness here!

  6. Thanks Vicki M...! She is gorgeous indeed...


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