Monday, February 21, 2011

M&M's and Presidents' Day

Had 'catch-up' sushi with Itai the other day and he surprised me with a box of M&M's...   But not just any M&M's...   This box of M&M's came straight off of Air Force One...   Complete with the Presidential seal of Barack Obama!   Rest assured I won't be eating them...   Well - I mean...unless it's a chocolate emergency.   Just joking - I'm not going to eat them!   Thanks Itai!   Ok - so I've said your name twice now...was I not supposed to???

So, I'm not really into Presidents' Day and all...but thought this post was fitting...   Happy Presidents' Day!

Oh snowed here (in Jersey) today (or sometime during the middle of the night).   I woke up to this...


  1. Cool! Who knew the Pres had his own special M&Ms? Snow...pretty :)

  2. Hey KK,
    Do we know if the boxes really contain M&M's? Well, any way thank Itai again.
    Yeah we had that white stuff called snow all the month of January.
    You make it look so pretty and inviting on camera, but boy aren't we glad it's gone.
    Love Mommy

    Look's really pretty on camera.
    Love Mommy

  3. Thanks Amber...

    Mom - we don't! LOL...


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