Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Sister - Tiffany

When I realized my sister was graduating from High School - I knew we had to do a photo shoot...   A "Senior" session as they're called...capturing that very special time in a graduating senior's life...   Man, oh, man-ochevitz (yes, I'm that corny), I sure wish "senior sessions" were popular when I was graduating...   All I've got to show for 18 is a really bad yearbook photo...  What the heck was happening with my hair?   my make-up?    a head that was way too big for my body...oh the horror!

This post is actually long overdue...   April of 2009 to be exact.   Which means Tif was just about to graduate and head off to college that Fall...so she musta' been only 17 at the time!

She's now 19, attends William Paterson University and majors in communications with a focus on public relations...

I want her to look back on these photos when she's 60 and say to her grandchildren - "...that was me the year I graduated from high school..."   Wait...her grandchildren will be my grand-neices/nephews...is that how that works???   Or will they be my great-neices/nephews...  To be such a smart girl, I'm clearly confused...

It was a gorgeous Spring day...the sun peeked out from behind the huge cumulus clouds every now and again...   Sun or no sun...we had loads of fun!

Thanks for such a great photo shoot Tif...   I'm super excited about every little moment that will be your life.   You better make the most of it, cause...when you're 60, I'll be 86 freakin' years old (I hope)!   How's that for perspective?!

Further proof that I'm as funny as I think I am...


  1. She's beautiful, Karen...of COURSE she is! She's your sister! Inspirational as always. Miss you. ~KCD

  2. This grown-up, gorgeous young lady cannot be the little girl that I met years ago at your mom's house in New Jersey!

  3. Thank you Kel!! Miss you too!!! xoxoxo - love you!

  4. Lor Lor, can you believe how grown up she is...?!
    Yes - the "let's feed Barbie in the yips" same little girl...

  5. Wow Karen,I tell your talent is exceptional! You have got to fly out for your godson's high school graduation, how old will you be then? Don't say I will be telling on myself too!!

  6. Thanks Saudia! I know you don't even want to think about Japhia graduating from high school...crazy right!

  7. I dare you to post a pic of yourself as a senior!


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