Monday, February 7, 2011

The Salt Lick

Me want some Salt Lick...yum!   On my last trip to Austin, TX we took the hour-long cab ride from the City out into the countryside (to Driftwood) to get some BBQ...but not just any bar-b-que...   The Salt Lick!   They don't take reservations, they only take cash and it's B.Y.O.B.   When we got there the wait was 1-1/2 hours long...   I didn't care - "we're here now and I'm gettin' me some bar-b-que!"   The only question lingering in the back of my mind - "would the cabbie actually come back to pick us up..."

Here's the story of how The Salt Lick came into existence:

In the 60's Thurman Roberts spent way too much time away from his family traveling across Texas working for a bridge construction company.   In an effort to spend less time away from home, he and his wife Hisako took out a yellow legal pad and wrote down 54 things the family could do to say in Driftwood.   The idea for The Salt Lick was 14th on the list.   So in 1967, Thurman, known for his delicious bar-b-que at family reunions, decided he would cook meat for paying customers... (I know - doesn't really sound all that glamorous..."cook meat for paying customers")

Thurman and his son Scott (he now owns The Salt Lick), built a huge bar-b-que pit.   Thurman would go to the pit on Thursday night and start cooking. He stayed for the weekend, sleeping on a cot, until all the meat sold.   As time passed, he would come home earlier and earlier because the meat was selling out quickly.   After a few months, Thurman and Scott built a little screen porch around the pit.   The Salt Lick has grown from there!

I can't verify that the pit is still there, but the food was great!  Check it out...

Everything is served family style - so you just might as well order...well - EVERYTHING!

The restaurant is huge, but it was still packed!   In the background (the yellowish area) is the indoor/screened-in seating area (which is where the pit is - supposedly).   In the foreground is all the outdoor seating (which is where we sat).   Behind me, across the parking lot is another dining hall...

I had never been so happy to feel a bench vibrate!

Before and After...   There were other plates - but I waited for our server to clear most of the table before taking the picture.    This way we wouldn't seem so greedy!

I really like hot sauce!   I really don't like cobbler (luckily for me because I was stuffed)!

After dinner we snuck off to a private area...

It's so private...they don't allow children...

It's really cute back here...   Unfortunately we were  too late and all the wine had already been packed up...   The servers were cleaning off the tables and stacked all the cowboy boot "centerpieces" on one table - how cute is that?


  1. You make it seem even prettier than it actually was (and that's saying something)!

    However... I THINK you may have forgotten to mention the world's most insane cab driver, without which we never would have gotten to partake in such delicious BBQ :)


  2. Oh right! The crazy cabbie...I forgot about him for a sec... Thanks for reminding me... It was all hysterical - just too funny :-)

  3. Hey KK
    Sounds like a fun place to chow down, we who snuck off?
    Love Mommy


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