Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blast From the Past Wednesday: The Sablok Family

I absolutely love meeting new clients for the first time!   It's always such a joy getting to interact with them and discover the love they have for one another.   It's especially exciting when there's a little, little one involved...everything and everyone just seems to come alive!  The smiles are bigger and joy just exudes from every pore...

It was a beautiful Sunday in September and we headed out to Holmby Park in LA...

Sumeir was just happy to crawl around the park, and I was just as happy to load up my camera and chase after him...!

Or chew on things - either way...I'm good!   I love the shot on the left...that look of "what?...don't you chew on your toys???"

Picture time with Mommy...

...then with Daddy!

I love, love, love this shot of Sumeir!   I know it's not the typical "cutesy" pic of a infant...but his face has such expression - so much personality...   We sat him in a sandbox and come to find out this was his first time in sand...   What a look!

Aaaahhhh, first time touchng sand!   I was happy to be there to capture the moment.   He actually did NOT try putting it in his kid!

He quickly warmed up to the idea and before you knew it - out came the sand toys and we were having loads of fun!

In the shot on the left - Sumeir totally has that look of "come on Daddy - make me laugh again"! 

Thanks for such a fun day!!!


  1. Adorable family...the photographer is
    pretty darn good too.


  2. Hey Karen,

    I love Sumeir's big beautiful eyes & his pouty lips. Beautiful family.



  3. what lovely photos, lots of love to you all

  4. Michelle - Thank you! :-)

    Linda - I know...he's just such a cutie!

  5. Hey KK
    What a adorable big brown eyed baby Sumier is. And of course you brought out all the beauty in the whole family, they really do look like the perfect family.
    Love Mommy


  7. A happy day and a happy family!!! So lovely of the baby!!:D Great expressions captured!!!

    You can hunt for your style ray ban uk !!

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