Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blimps Need Hangars?

So on the way down to SD I had to take a potty-break (TMI?)   I headed off the freeway onto a road that sounded like it would have tons of 'potty-break' places...

Jamboree Road.

I know - right?!   Sounds like a hapnin' exit!   Nothing - for miles!   But then...these big ol', massive structures seemed to appear out of thin air...

Potty-break was put on hold.

This thing was massive!   It was almost a little scary - and I like that...   Makes me feel like I'm on some sort of adventure!

From this angle you can only see one - but there are actually two of them.

There's a very, very, very tall (ok - I'm very, very, very short)...

...but there is a tall chain-linked fence surrounding it - covered in a green tarp (you can see a little of the tarp on the bottom of the photo), sooooo - I had to stand on the roof of the car to get my shot!

Here's the thing - I didn't know blimps needed hangars...   Never even thought about it really.   Learn something new everyday!

The base was closed in 1999, and the hangars were to be redeveloped at some point with the second one being turned into a sports and entertainment complex.   Not sure where we are with that plan...

Find out more here.


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