Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kennedy

Sherri and Kennedy are both February Birthday Girls...   Sherri, having adopted my 'celebrate your birthday for a month' mentality, did just that!   She wanted to spend the last few (peaceful) days of her birthday in Puerto Rico, so she asked me to Kennedy/House/Q (dog) sit.   So into Jersey I trekked...   Ok - I flew...but between my luggage, all of my camera gear and a sprained felt more like a trek!

After seeing Sherri off to the airport, Kennedy and I settled into our routine...   Laughing, playing computer chess, reading, walking to the bus stop, walking Q, walking home from the bus stop, running errands, but most importantly, planning (and shopping) for her big Birthday Bash!   She was about to celebrate her last single digit birthday and it was indeed going to be BIG!

On Friday night it would be just the immediate family...   Which meant..the grandparents (both sets), aunts (me and my sista's Denise & Tiffany), uncles (Louis all the way from London & Uncle Arty) and cousins (Ethan) of course...   Turned out Tiffany was still away at school...   Ethan's school dance was scheduled for that night, so that meant we'd have to have another party on Sunday to make sure we got party time in with everyone!

Saturday night was reserved for a sleepover with her closest 6 friends...   Hmmm...six 9-year olds for a little over 15 hours!   Sherri - you agreed to this?! happened and I survived - barely...

Kennedy decided that she wanted to have a "bake-off" as part of her Birthday celebration.   This meant everyone (attending the Friday & Sunday portions of the celebration) had to bake something to bring to the party.   She (of course) would taste each of the baked items and determine the 'winner'.

If there were a prize for 'Best Presentation', it would definitely have gone to Grandma Boscia!

'Just Dance 2' for the Wii was the big hit of the night!   I think in this shot they were dancing to "When I Grow Up" by Pussycat Dolls

What is going on here!?   This party is for the 9-year olds...   Kennedy's Mom (my sis) on the left and my cousin (2nd) Kendra on the right...   They were jammin' harder than the kids!

If you want to quickly tire out a group of kids (and adults)...   "Just Dance 2' is the answer!

I think this one was Ke$ha's "Tik Tok"...

These girls know how to party!

Mom is all up in the mix!   Sherri and Kennedy having the same look on their faces is hysterical...

Turns out Kayla was the 'Just Dance 2' Grand Champion! all time favorite...   'Pin the Tail on the Donkey'!   We were going to play 'Pin the Nose on the Clown' - but I quickly learned that Kennedy isn't a fan of clowns...   Who knew?!

Time to open presents!!!!!!!!!

Best present of all (from Mom...)   A Mongoose dirt bike!   That's what I'm talkin' bout!

Get it girls...   Strike a pose...(he he)

Spa time...

...and relaxation (for us) time.   Cucumbers to soothe the eyes...and cold cream???   They were totally and completely into it.   This only just the beginning - trust me girls...   On the living room floor today, Burke Williams tomorrow!

The next morning...   Barbie's looking like she's been out all night!   LOL..

While Sherri took breakfast orders...   I cooked and the girls played - with dolls and Barbie's castle!   Are you kidding me!

Grace had forgotten Kennedy's card, so the next morning, she ran home to get it....   Grace made this card by's 3D!

Time to say goodbye...   All parties must come to an end - even the good ones!

Ooops!   Not done just yet.   Remember Ethan couldn't make the "Family" celebration on Friday because of his school dance, so once he found out the coast was clear (read: all the girls went home), he decided to drop by to spend the rest of Sunday with the Birthday Girl...   Ethan's card was handmade too - how adorable!

Kennedy is exhausted!   You can see it in her eyes...   They still went to the park and played until the street lights came on...


  1. omg. what a beautiful fun party. your photos are amazing! i usually get half a head and cake on my lens. you are truly amazing! - mary

  2. Really great pics KK. You can see how much fun everyone was having!. The pics gave me a reminder of the real joy you have when you are a kid. I love your sister's short do!

  3. Hey KK,
    What a fun party you threw for your favorite niece, the girls seemed to be having a great time along with the big girls. You did a wonderful job capturing all the fun you can truly have at being 9yrs.
    Love ya Mommy

  4. Hey Karen,

    Thanks for the shout out. Great pics and your certainly captured all the excitement of the birthday weekend.



  5. What a fabulous depiction of her party

  6. Mary - that is so sweet... Thank you so much!

  7. Vicki M... thank you! Yes...she keeps her hair cut really short. I think it absolutely fits her though... I on the other hand would look like a clown :-)

  8. Thanks Mom. I think the girls were exhausted by the end of it all...I know we were! xoxo

    Thanks Linda. Your cupcakes were a great big hit! xoxo

  9. Saudia! 'wassup... How are you??? Thank you!


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