Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life On Saturn...

When the time comes and I move to Saturn - these are the only two things I'm taking with me...

Kika's Treats & Sushi... (and a chef - to make the sushi), (and some fish - unless of course Saturn already has fish...)

...and my camera...
...and some books...
...and my DVD collection of action movies...
...and my iPad...

...that's it!  I think...

What two things can't you live without?


  1. Hey Karen,

    I would take my family. Couldn't do it without them.



  2. Oh my, those chocolate covered shortbread cookies sound scrumptuous!!! Those would definitely make my list. Although the photo of the sushi is gorgeous, it wouldn't be coming with me. Beautiful work, as usual.

  3. Family - of course!

    Lor Lor - you would absolutely LOVE those cookies :-)

  4. Hey KK
    Well, let me see. I guess I would take a bunch of snacks and a book ( 600 page book)smile. Oops I forgot, also my toothbrush.
    Love Mommy


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