Monday, March 21, 2011

The Linkery & Other Splendors...

Yes - I went to SD to attend the San Diego Latino Film Festival, but I can't even think about the SDLFF without thinking about Hash House a Go Go and The Linkery!

I absolutely love photographing the food at Hash House...almost more than I love eating it.   I mean seriously - each dish is a pure work of art!   Unfortunately it was way too dark inside the restaurant to get any decent shots...   I'm so tempted to call the owner to ask if I can just come in one day and photograph the food.   Next time I find myself with nothing to do - that's what I'm doing...

My other favorite restaurant in San Diego?   The Linkery!   Oooohhh...can you say Lardo Ice Cream Sandwich?   That's heard me - an ice cream sandwich made with dry cured backfat!   Read more about it below.

But first...sittin' by the pool chillin' - with a good book and some hummus!

These chips are making me feel all Christmasy and stuff...

Luckily for me - we'd turned the clocks forward the night before, so even though it was dinner time, it was still light enough outside to get some good shots inside...

The Linkery makes the best Sangria!

...and the best baked goat cheese with roasted garlic and crostini...

Let's not forget about the bacon wrapped octopus...   I feel like such a foodie!   Oh yeah - here's the Lardo Ice Cream Sandwich (yes that's a piece of cured bacon on top):
  • Hand made ice cream flavored with house cured lardo (dry cured backfat) from pastured Berkshire pork
  • Chocolate chip cookie made with stone-milled Taza organic Oaxacan-style chocolate
  • Bits of candied house cured bacon from pastured Berkshire pork
  • Caramel sauce


  1. Did they hire you while you were there? If not they missed a great opportunity. Everything looks beautiful even the bacon wrapped octopus.


  2. love the bacon shot!

  3. LOL...MIchelle...No - they didn't! Oh well...maybe next time.

  4. Thanks to "Anonymous" who loves the bacon shot!

  5. I hope that you were having the christmas chips and sangria by the oh so inviting pool!!

  6. Hey KK,
    OK I believe you about everything you just said!
    Anywaysssssss some nice shot's of the bacon on top of the ice cream, how does it taste?
    Love Mommy


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